New Bug Encountered: Regenerate Causing Lots Of Customisation To Reset

Hi. I’ve hit a really annoying issue when trying to add a new column to the underlying Google sheet then regenerate the structure. I’ve spent a long time changing the column types to what I need e.g. colour, enum etc. and have a couple of ref columns and some columns that look up default values as part of a list expression.

I just added a single column to the Google sheet and hit regenerate. Almost all of my color columns have reset themselves, and many of the enums have.


Hi, before you regenerated the column structure, were all column names in spreadsheet exactly the same?

Hi @Aleksi Dammit, no!! I had changed some of the column names. I experienced that particular feature about a year ago and had completely forgotten about the dangers of renaming columns if you then have to add columns to the underlying table.

Is this worth a feature request? Either a) before regenerating can Appsheet check column names and give a warning that if any of them have been changed then the column definitions for those columns will be reset or b) not allow column names to be changed at all. Instead just use the display name option. I don’t see the point of having 2 ways of changing the way a column name is displayed when one of them carries so much danger of completely ruining loads of column properties that have been carefully set up in Appsheet.

I’ve now reverted to the previous app version and will now go through all the column names that I’ve changed and use the display name instead before attempting to add the new columns to the table.

Maybe warning could be enough…