New Bug Encountered: Regenerate Structure randomly and repeatedly fails until full logout

This worked ok for me several times. But more than once, after inserting a column named LineCounter in a sheet, then Regenerate Structure, adds a column named Column_4 type Show. Repeated Regenerate Structure 5 times without recognising the proper column name.
only after loggin out, browser close, then login, column shows with correct name type Text.

Which datasource are you using? Google, Onedrive, etc.?

I’ve seen similar behavior with Google Sheets when I add a column, put the cursor in it, type a name, but don’t press Enter or Tab to complete the entry. When the column is created, the change will be automatically saved and can be seen by AppSheet when you regenerate columns. But a new column header (or more generally, any new column value) cannot be saved until your cursor leaves the cell. Until the cell value is saved, AppSheet cannot see it. Might this account for your problem?

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thanks, @Steve, I only use Google Sheets for tables. i inserted a new blank column with just a header, and i am 100% i did hit Enter on that top cell, being aware of the problems with not doing so. it’s not the first time i’ve observed this, but it does not happen to me all the time. mine resolved by loggin off and on. from your wording, i’m reading this has not been reported as a bug before. if it happens again and i see any common denominators, i will post. my respects for what you guys do here.


hi, @Steve doing another column addition now, this is how it is going:

  1. inserted a column B into HR-F16.XLSX (Excel format) opened with “View Source” button in Tables, named it DateTime, hit Enter, left it open, waited a minute ; “Regenerate Structure” completely ignores it, can’t see it.
  2. Closed HR-F16.XLSX browser windows; “Regenerate Structure” now sees it with correct name, type Text.
    That wasn’t so bad.

In the case of the XLSX file, the behavior you’re seeing makes sense to me: I imagine the changes to the XLSX file are not saved until you explicitly save the file or close the file (which causes a save).

Cheers, @Steve. Noted, and agreed, but unexpected. As long as everyone else knows this, because it caught me out.

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