New Bug Encountered: Related records not showing as of today

As of today, our inspection app is no longer displaying related records while completing an inspection. For example, our app allows the inspector to add “Related Enforcement Violations” to an inspection record when a violation is found during the completion of an inspection. We haven’t modified our app recently, but as of today it no longer saves or lists the Related Enforcement Violations after the user adds one. And this applies to all related records that we try to add during the inspection (records requests, meter calibration results, etc.). Please help!

Me too , I’m having same issue , related records don’t want to be saved

Same issue here, and having many problems.

My app when creating a records you need to put at least 2 child records on the form screen. I add the child records, but it doesnt show right away on the parent form page. It doesn’t recognize the child records and just added and, because need at least 2 child records, I can’t save it.

I took away the minimum limit of child records and now I can save, but I put that limitation for a reason: avoid errors by the users. Now they can add parent records without child records.

That issue should be fixed yesterday. Sorry for the disruption this caused, and please let us know if you continue to see this problem.

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Looks good. Thank you.

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Hi there,

I think the issue is still happening. One of my users has reported to me that when he goes into the app to see the updates, these are not showing immediately. so he has to log out and log back in to see the updates.

Yes that’s quite normal behaviour. That ensures you have the latest version.