New Bug Encountered: Related Records not Showing

(Robbie Pollock) #1

I have a profile record and also 2 additional records that are linked to the profile record via the “ref” field. When I view the Profile Record within my web browser, both related items show fine. When viewing the profile record on my iPhone X, it only shows 1 of the related items at the bottom rather than both. Also, the one that it does show, shows (0) next to the View Button even though there are associated records. If you click on the “View” button from here, it does take you to that record view so I know they are getting linked.

(Steve Coile) #2

Someone else also noted this problem recently.

(Robbie Pollock) #3

Thanks. I did notice that if I ADD a new record of that related list on the phone, once it saves that record and returns to the master page, it displays correctly. If that helps.

(Tony Fader) #4

@Robbie_Pollock Can you send the name of the app and steps to reproduce the problem to Sounds like a bug.