New Bug Encountered: Report step order impacts sending of emails in execution

Now that we have the capability to create Data Change actions in Reports (thank you AppSheet!), I am creating a Report rule that is designed to detect aging records - i.e. have not had expected activity taken - send an email AND update an indicator of the escalation as well as update the row status.

If I run the Report rule where the email is the first step and the data change is the second step, the Report rule is successful - sends the expected emails and make correct data changes. (See log entries below)

However, if I run the Report rule where the first step is the data change and the email is second, although the Report rule indicates is ran successfully - the data changes only sometimes get applied (even when log reports success) and the emails are NEVER sent. (see log entries below).

EDITED: I am finding that if the Data Change step has an error, e.g. Excel sheet is open so cannot make updates, then the Email step runs as expected and the emails ARE sent.

I want to have the data change to occur first for a number of reasons.

Log entries when Email is first and Data Change is second

Log entries when Data Change is first and Email is second - Notes times and missing email logs