New Bug Encountered: Saving photos

Sometimes the app saves photos as files and not as images (the format is “jpg”).
It is random.

@Gil Any thoughts with this issue?

Hi @Geaimaforni_Service,
As far as I know this occurs when selecting a photo from the gallery on Android devices only.
A fix is will be included in the next update from the play store.


It happens also when taking a photo from “camera” and in a random way.
I tried to use an other app to take photos but it happened again.

That’s strange,
Could you please let me know the app’s name, and point me to an audit log of a photo taken from the camera and was saved without the file extension?

I use “Camera” (default app for Android) and also I tried to use “Open Camera”.

Sometimes Appsheet saves photos like “text document” (0 KB) and not like “file JPG”. The problem is after data saving.

When will be able the next update?
If you need some photos/informations/…, let me know.


I meant what’s the name of your AppSheet app. I’ll also need the timestamp from the audit log of an image the wasn’t saved properly.

It will probably take a few weeks until the next update is in the play store.

The name is Reparti.
Sorry but I’m not a programmer and I don’t understand your request.
I attach a photo that was not saved correctly.

Let me know, if you need other.

I attach a screen about saving property.