New Bug Encountered: SELECT in Virtual Column with Ref Element Type not returning correct row list

When a Virtual column is set as List with the element type set as Ref it seems to correctly indicate there are 3 rows based on the App Formula BUT in the inline table it is displaying ALL rows from the referenced table. See the images below.

Full Expression Used in Virtual column

SELECT(PO Invoices[Vendor], TRUE)

Editor indicating temporary Virtual Column

Snapshot from browser view of app

If Switch column type to Text, only correct number of ID’s shown in list

Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 11.43.43 AM

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Yep, that’s a bug. Please contact for help with this.

I’m curious about the bug reporting process.

I keep seeing where bugs, that are opened in the Community, are recommended to be sent to AppSheet support by numerous people (not just yourself). This creates double-work to submit a bug and is especially problematic if it is a complicated bug requiring detailed explanations.

I have even seen mention of opening a “ticket” to support which normally means using some dedicated bug reporting tool - not just email.

So I’m just wondering what is the expected bug reporting process? Why wouldn’t AppSheet simply review the bugs here in the Community? Or is the email part supposed to be reserved for the more critical defects?


I don’t know if anyone at AppSheet is actually tasked with monitoring the community for bug reports. I am not tasked with that, but do so because it seems like something I should be doing. :slight_smile:

When I see a bug that seems to be or has the probability of being a major problem, I’ll “escalate” it internally by reporting it on an internal chat group that most of the technical staff follow (it seems to me). When I respond with “escalated”, it means I’ve mentioned the issue in an internal chat.

For issues that seem less severe, or that seem to be edge cases that I suspect will need deeper investigation, I’ll recommend contacting The Support team (which may include developers) can then ask for whatever other information they need. In your case above, I’d expect development will want access to a sample app that reproduces the problem.

Other than, I’m not familiar with other means to engage support or report problems. My sense is that this #bugs-issues-errors category is not a particularly formal channel–but I may be mistaken on that.

In general, my own personal guidance is to contact if the issue is urgent, complex, or you feel you’re owed a response because you’ve given AppSheet money. Use the community if you have time to wait longer for a response, are looking for a workaround rather than an immediate fix, or just want to make others aware.


Hola! Soy Alberto Osa
Desde que descubrí la plataforma de AppSheet ya me he engamchado a ello. Ahora bien, he estado trabajando en una aplicación para que los usuarios de mi empresa envien y reciban dinero, hasta ahora todo funciona bien, pero lo que quiero conseguir es lo siguiente:
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Espero que alguien me pueda ayudar. Gracias