New Bug Encountered: Set the Values of some Columns in this Row

Hello Everyone

Im really confused.

I have a table an an action set to this table that is changing the value of a column. (True of false). When this action is fired it is saying that the value of another column Cannot be blank… because it is required when going through the form.

Problem is I have the exact duplicate setup on a differant table same app and it is working flawlessly.

Now for a test the I made the columns that are required to not have to be required, and the result is strange. It set the value in the column it needs to set, but it Deletes the values of other columns that it was having requirement issues with…

Is this a bug? Im thinking so…

Does the original data come from somewhere else besides inputted through the app?

If, for example, data was entered directly into the spreadsheet, but a required column was left blank, then that error will come up, even if executing an action to set the value of a different column.

I have it setup on a different table exact duplicate and it is working… but evan If I set the columns in question to not be required, it erases the data… And the action has nothing to do with these columns…

Ive put a ticket in with support.

Make sure you aren’t confusing these two:

  • Data: add a new row to another table with values from this row
  • Data: set the values of some columns in this row

Yes I’ve made sure of that :slight_smile: ,
Our system is currently down and Still Have not got anything from support…

Nothing on support yet. Currently keeping track of inventory reconciliation on paper till app is back up and running

I dont really want to do this, but this issue still has not been addressed. Im not sure what is going on, but would appreciate an update @Aleksi. I know there was somthing wrong on appsheets side but it has been about 3 days and understand if the issue has not been fixed as it seems complicated, but would like some reassurance the issue is being looked at.


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Do you have a support ticket number?

Im not sure where to find this,

I only have this.

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I found it and escalated.


Thank you.


Update for others… it wasn’t a bug actually. The reason was because the option “Reset on Edit” was set as ON with the Column#2. When the action was trying to update the Column#1, the “Reset on Edit” was resetting the Column#2 and because that column was set as Required, the update was not possible because then that Column#2 would be not valid.


Thanks for tracking it down, Aleksi!


Boy, Thanks Guys!

I guess it took over 2 hours of Hard Core Labour to Track down!.

Thanks @Aleksi This was a obscure one.