New Bug Encountered: Signature is not saved with Quick-Edit

(Levent Kulacoglu) #1

@praveen @tony @brian
If you have a signature field and you set it as a quick edit field in the Detail View, provided you don’t want the signature field to be editable when signed and therefore set an ISBLANK([_THIS]) expression for Editable_if property, when you sign, the signature field seems saved, but when you sync, the field will appear as empty as no signature images had saved to the drive and also the sheet value will be blank as well. Can you check if this is a bug? Thnx.

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(Fabian Weller) #2

Hi @LeventK
I had similar issues:

I don’t think ISBLANK([_THIS]) is a good solution. Because as soon as they lift their finger from the screen it locks. See this post:

Here is my workaround and an extra idea from Aleksi:

Happy to hear your input.