New Bug Encountered: Slice fiter not working on UX

I put a slice filter and test it. The result looks correct. But when I enable it to UX. It seem not right.

My formula on slice filter is below

and([Delivery Date] >= Today() - 8, in([Store], lookup(useremail(), “Access Setup V2”, “Email”, “Access Store”)))

Is your UX view configured to use the slice?



Yes, the UX use the slice. I tried IN, CONTAIN, FIND, they all work on the slice filter. Test results come back as what I want. But for somehow, it is just not working on the UX.

Hi @Info_Soonta
Could you please post pics of your view and the slice test.

Test result from slice

Setup for UX

Final view on app

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In what way is the result not what you expect? What do you expect?

You can see the store name on the test result return with multiple stores. But the UX only show 1 store

Please contact for help with this.

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This is a known issue with the combination of Slice and LOOKUP() when the target column is an EnumList. Workaround is to create a virtual List column with a LOOKUP() formula and then use that with the Slice.

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