New Bug Encountered: "Start with About" is ignored

i had a Starting View selected, but then decide to Start with About instead.It does not start with About, it still goes to the Starting View. Also there is no way to Clear the Starting View chosen, i can only change it.

HI @Eso_Surveyors The About view only loads when the app is first loaded and the starting view loads after the OK button.

yes, i expected that, but it is not happening. i even log out of the app, log back in, still goes to the Starting View. how can i let you test this your end?

HI @Eso_Surveyors I just checked some of my apps and the same thing happens. This seems to be a bug. I know some work has been done on the about page but Im not sure if this is intended.

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Hi, I have the same issue. I want to show the About page every time I launch the app. But I got the page when I closed the app last time. Is there any solution?

Please contact directly for help with this.