New Bug Encountered: starting view not working with LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW


I want to create a starting view which will show the planning of the connected user.
The filtered view works when I use an action Button, but not when I put the same code in the starting view in UX / Options.

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Planning”, [collaborateur] = LOOKUP(useremail(), users, “email”, “user”))

thanks for help :slight_smile:

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() can be used with a navigation action or a column type app.

You mentioned you invoke the action through a button and it works. So actions execute when invoked exclusively by the user or through workflow when certain data change condition occurs or on certain events such as form save. Please refer " When Does an Action Run?" in the article below.

In the case of starting view possibly, none of the above triggers is available to invoke the action.

Instead, you may wish to try the below.

Create a slice called say “My Planning” on the “Planning” table with a filter expression something like below

[collaborateur] = LOOKUP(useremail(), users, “email”, “user”)

Then create a ref summary view as you desire on that slice called say “My Planning”. Please set this reference view as the starting view in UX → Options


To add another workaround to @Suvrutt_Gurjar 's answer, I’d suggest to create a security filter on the table Planning. This would work out of the box.

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it works , thanks a lot!

maybe adding an error/warning message when trying to use filterview as the starting page would be cool

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yep it’s a possibility but my customer would be on the premium plan not the pro… so no security mechanism available…

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