New Bug Encountered:Starting view

Since the Dashboard resizing update my apps opens to a blank screen instead of the “Start View”. I have to click one of the view buttons on launch.

@gpjoseph - you may have already done this, but just in case, what is in your UX/Options/Starting View setting? Is it possible you renamed the view that you wanted to start with and now the options settings do not match this?

Hi Mike,

I checked that, but it’s happening in multiple apps.

Thank you.

Hmm. Not happening for me. Maybe the Appsheet team has an idea …

Forgot to ask… is this happening on mobile as well as in browser apps?


So, I start my app in the “About view”. I turned this off and it went to my starting view. That is odd. After the About view it should go to the starting view.

This issues has been resolved. I believe the support team fixed on the backend.

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