New Bug Encountered: System not recording REF id into Child spreadsheet in parent/child scenario- records orphaned

I have a Quote Header/Quote Detail scenario.

*Quote Header:The unique identifier in the header is QuoteID and its set as the key of the header table with the initial value set to UNIQUEID().
*Quote Detail: I have the line items associated with the quote and of course the quote_id with REF to Quote Header and IsPartOf set to yes.

I was entering items to the quotes with no issue but now when I input line items it doesn’t record the quote_id from the Header into the Quote Detail spreadsheet (GoogleSheets) so the records are orphaned.

I was just testing the project to turn it over to the client. What would cause this to happen?

Thanks for the help.

Update: In further troubleshooting, the quote_id field in Quote Detail was previously set to not editable as when a user enters a quote the client does not want the user to be able to change the quote. I changed the ‘editable’ capability to yes and the system now records the quote_id into the Quote Detail spreadsheet.

How would I then make the field a read only field?

You could hide that field so users are not able to modify it.

Thanks Aleksi, thinking through some other options now. Thanks again

You’re welcome

Change Editable? to a formula of FALSE. This will prevent user edits while still allowing the app itself to modify the column value. In this case, you’re probably okay with hiding the column, but in cases where you want the column visible but not user-modifiable, setting Editable? to a formula is the way to do it.

Great Idea! Thanks for the help!

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