New Bug Encountered: TEXT_ICON NOT showing image

(Frenzy Beatz Entertainment) #1

We just started noticing that TEXT_ICON is not showing the image. This is causing a big problem for our app. Can you please investigate it .

I even checked all sample apps and all apps are having this problem, so I came to conclusion that its not my coding issue rather I suspect that the issue is service related.

New Bug Encountered: TEXT_ICON() dosn't work
Text_Icon is not working
(Jonathon Sinclair) #2

I had this issue as well. It seems the service that AppSheet was using to process TEXT_ICON() no longer exists… or at least when I pinged their website I was getting no response. Its a little bit of work, but you can fix your thumbnails this with this website:!#font-fa

Within the app definition, the column type will need to be Thumbnail and the app formula will be:

3. ,"&font-size=40&font-family=Roboto_Bold")

Some of the parameters on lines 1 and 3 can be altered to your liking… i.e. the font family, font face, and image resolution.

Good luck!

(Reza Raoofi) #3

I know @Adam has this on his radar.


The service we used for this abruptly went offline. It should be working again now with a different service.

Thanks @Jonathon_Sinclair for sharing a workaround.

(Andrea Sala) #5

Hello! @Jonathon_Sinclair

Thanks for your workaround, but Appsheet is continually shifting the column category from Thumbnail and/or Image to Text… Quite annoying… Are you experiencing the same issue?

(Jonathon Sinclair) #6

Yes - when you input and save the app formula, appsheet automatically changes the column type to text.

Definitely annoying but just change the column type to thumbnail after you’ve entered the formula.