New Bug Encountered:There was a problem performing the deployment check: error

I Copied one of my Apps - it runs, but it would not deploy, instead I keep getting:

“There was a problem performing the deployment check: error”

Anyone else having this problem?

Can you provide a screenshot of your error?

I didn’t take one you just get this: There was a problem performing the deployment check: error

I have found a possible cause of the problem - one of the tables has around 4500 rows - this problem disappears after removing it from the app (or if I remove some of the rows, because the copy process worked some time back when there were less rows of data)

Still Broken - Same error even after trying with smaller amounts of data

Have you tried running a deployment CHECK on the app? You can navigate to the view as shown below to get a comprehensive check list of items for your app before deploying.

In my case there is an error showing which I can expand further to get the details:

App Runs - Deployment Check Fails - Cannot Expand

Yes, my app runs with no problem. I didn’t even know about the error I presented until I perform the Deployment Check!! :slight_smile:

Which part of the Deployment Check can you not expand? Can you provide an image?

Nope - it doesn’t show the Option at all - Only get Run Deployment Check on this App and then the Error (and nothing else)

So what happens if you click the “Run Deployment Check” button?

The picture I just posted is the end result after i had clicked it - it’s not showing anything other than the error in pink and “Run Deployment Check”

It sounds like a bug. Can you submit a problem report through the support link at

Ah, ok, got it!

@eddie It seems there needs to be a check int he AppSheet servers to determine why the Deployment Check cannot run. That is at least a starting point.

Grasping at straws, there is one thing you might look at since this is a copied app. I found a while back when I copied an app, that Deep Link references in Workflows were not updating to the NEW app name. It caused issues with the Workflows running.

This is the post I created for that issue. I don’t know if this contributing to your deployment issue as I have not yet reached that point…I am still building out that same app.

Have just done so thanks.

+1 That

Still crashing even after AppSheet timeout was increased :frowning:

Deploying OK again - Thanks Appsheet Team

I’m getting the exact same issue, I checked the workflows but couldn’t find any issue there; the prototype runs without issues, please help!

PS: I’ve sent a support request as per @Phil 's instructions in this thread