New Bug Encountered: Time format in table view and in Details/Form view differ


I know there had been few topics here in the Community, dedicated to time formatting and specifically to AM/PM vs 24 H view format.
However, before posting here I ensured that my underlying spreadsheet (SS settings) and my testing phone are both in English UK date/time format/locale. Yet, surprisingly enough, I have the same issue where my times are with AM/PM tags.
Here is the view in table format:
However, in the Details/Form view of the same table, the times look ok:

Thus it seems to be that only TABLE view is wrong.
The colums in question have DateTime Type.

thank you,

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When the value is not the same, it’s probably a small bug. Would you please send an email with details to

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Sure, which details are required?

Account ID number
App name
Table/Column name
Steps we need to take so we can find these views.


Thanks again!

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You’re welcome