New Bug Encountered: Timestamp displaying incorrectly in attachment


There seems to be an issue when a timestamp is displayed using an attachment in a workflow.
It is showing up as per below with the “PM” at the end. However it should show up as eg. 1:18:48 PM 2/12/2021

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My first thought is your locales aren’t set correctly. I encourage you to review the help docs about locale and make sure everything is configured appropriate for your location.

Is this a change in behavior, or have your generated files always had this timestamp format? If it’s a change, and you haven’t changed anything, this may be a bug that you should contact about.

Hi @Steve ,
I have checked my locales and they are all set up as English (Australia).
The issue isn’t really the format, as it is displaying correctly as DD:MM:YYYY.
It is just the “AM/PM” displaying after the date, instead of after the time.

Not an issue with English (US):


Therefore, it’s likely your locale.

Please contact for help with this.