New Bug Encountered: Toggling between table views in the app makes the data double with each new view!

We have three data tables on our deployed app which is a farming data tracking app, harvest counts, volunteers hours and how many households receive the produce grown. When I toggle between the table views using the app, each time I switch from one table to the other, the number of volunteer hours doubles each time! What can I do about that?
Thanks so much,

Hi Claire, this sounds weird. Would you please contact us at with these details:
#1 - Account ID number
#2 - App name
#3 - View name
#4 - iOS or Android
#5 - Are you seeing this from the mobile device or Browser
#6 - If mobile, what Appsheet app version are you using

Would you also please give access to your app/account so we could investigate what the issue might be. You can do that from > My Account > Settings > “Allow AppSheet staff to access…”

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