New Bug Encountered: Unable to fetch app definition

None of my apps are loading anymore. I tried cloning one to see and it gave me the error below. I’m using the Google Chrome browser (I.E. also doesn’t work) and the Box data source. I did also try cloning using Smartsheet.

Table ‘DocId=547573868183’ is empty. → Unable to copy table ‘NovMeetingTest-1064078’ due to: Table ‘DocId=547573868183’ is empty.

I see that the Worksheet Name/Qualifier is missing. As in, the option isn’t even there. I tried relinking, but it fails.

Is it possible that the Excel file or tab is deleted or moved?

I checked that first, actually. I ended up having to delete the table and link it from scratch, and everything is working now. Very odd.

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Sounds little weird but glad you were able to fix the issue.