New Bug Encountered: Unable to see tabs under Dashboard in Tablet view

Hello… I am facing an issue in Dashboard View. I have enabled ‘Use tabs in Mobile view’. Since yesterday night, I am unable to see any tabs in Tablet view. I believe this is a bug/error as this was not observed yesterday during the day. This issue was first reported yesterday and I am facing this issue is all my deployed apps.

I can see the tabs when Mobile view is selected.
Tabs in Dashboard in Mobile view:

When I switch to Tablet view, i cannot see the tabs and I have to scroll down through all the views added.
Tabs in Dashboard in Tablet view:

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Have you ensured you’ve done a good sync?
If so, then I would email

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If the screen’s width is below 768 we show the dashboard as a scrollable view (or tabs if the setting is turned on). It sounds that we are reflecting that width with the emulator as tablets normally have bigger screen than that.

Yes. That and also refreshed the cache and tried again.
If it had been only on this app, I can guess some error on my side but all my live apps also exhibit the same behavior.

I have around 10 tabs so I pretty confident the width is above 768. Before my last sync, all the 10 views appeared as tabs in both mobile and tablet view. After I synced yesterday night, the tabs are not visible in Tablet view anymore.

Perhaps the zoom setting view of the browser is not 100%?


If the width is ABOVE 768, your tablet should not show tabs and that’s probably the reason here.

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Oh. I am sorry I completely misunderstood your previous reply.

No worries