New Bug Encountered: Unable to show "Virtual Column" added into the Table over the UI

Is there a way we can get it on UI?

Please elaborate. I don’t understand your problem.

I added a new Virtual Column “Lead” like below -

When I re-sync the App, and go through the default views there for my data set, I dont see Lead listed there, I see all the other columns in the App View.

For eg:

There is a LOOKUP formula in your [Lead] virtual column and if it’s returning a null value, you can’t see it in your detail view. Replace your [Parent] with [_THISROW].[Parent] in your LOOKUP expression.

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Cool, Thanks! so my expression got corrected, and when I “Test” it does show up.
But on the APP Preview UI, this column doesnt get listed there, all others makes it into the UI.

Provided you are using a slice for this table, check if that VC is in the list. If not, check if the column is listed in the column order of the detail view.

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yes that was the problem, thanks for the pointers!

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