New Bug Encountered:Universal Constraints off not valid with Show_If Column: Bug?


I am not sure if this is a bug or not, hopefully I can explain this well enough.

First off I have “Apply show-if constraints universally” off.

Now, the issue I am having is if I put ANY expression in the “Show_If” column it doesn’t recognize it.

In this example I only want the virtual column to show up if a certain value is met at another column level.

Maybe I am misunderstanding but I thought with the universal constraints off you would need to put “False” in Show_If column for it not to show in form view but the Show_if expressions would still work. Am I wrong?

Here is a screenshot of how I have this column set up.

Since you turned “Apply show-if constraints universally” to off, Show_If expressions only show/hide for Form views. You want it turned on.

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Yea, I turned it off because there was certain columns I didn’t want showing in form view. I am not sure why it wouldn’t work both ways.

It does. When it’s turned on.

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