New Bug Encountered: Uploading mp4 file

With the column Type FILE, we can upload any kind of file. But some become useless.
If I upload the file *.mp4 it will get changed to *.jpg. --> The Video will not open.
If I manually change it back to *.mp4, it will work.

Same thing to *.csv --> Will be changed to *.xls

adding @praveen

Thanks for pointing out. Should be fixed tomorrow.

Not sure I would recommend loading mp4 videos this way. There’s a more efficient mechanism we hope to build at some point soon.

As for CSV, when you use Windows at least, a csv file is given a mime type of which is the same thing used to represent older Excel files. It should be given the “text/csv” mime type per the standard, but Microsoft Windows is doing its own thing. That is why our system marks it as an Excel file rather than a csv.


csv, mp3 and mp4 files can now be uploaded without changing the file type.