New Bug Encountered: user cannot switch from one app to another on his smartphone

Hi all,

I created to apps fro two different purposes, for the same users team.

My first user-tester told me that he could not switch from one app to the other one, i.e. he has to shut the first one, and then open the second one.
I guess this is because both apps are supported through the same appsheet system, however I would like to know if this is a normal behaviour, and if so, if there is a workaround ?

These apps are supposed to be used pretty simultaneously due to a specific routine, but before considering merging them, I want to know if I can avoid that.

My tester uses an iPhone, and created two shortcut on his phone (one per app).
One app is deployed, the other is not deployed yet (just shared for testing) and still “belongs” to my account.
Let me know if you need more informations.

Thanks for your help !


Hi, may I ask how your user is trying to open the second app when the first is opened? Clicking just the shortcut? What the phone is showing? Any error message or warning?


Thanks for being so quick to answer.

He told me he has no error message : when he clicks on the second app shortcut, that does not allow this one to appears : he has to shut the first one, and then the seond one can appear.

Here is his screen behaviour :

Various apps pages seems to be opened, but then he has a “white page” : and he has to shut each one on these, to be able to work one the one expected.

(I will be quicker to react in the future)


When trying to click the 2nd shortcut, what happens with the device? Is it a blank screen? It doesn’t allow in what way?

I updated my previous post in the meantime

You can have only one app opened at the same time with the Appsheet app. Is it possible hat this is the reason for your problem?


Actually this might be a misunderstanding due to my poor English, my mistake : this is exactly what I was trying to explain on my first post.

Is there a workaround for this situation ?

The easiest way is if the user just clicks the 2nd shorcut from his/her device. That should close the existing app and open the new one.


Thanks again for your help.

I’ve done some research, and I was thinking about another possibility : use an intermediary screen, with two options and actions related : linkToApp1, and linkToApp2

Do you think that would do the job ?

Yes that’s another option… like LINKTOAPP(“MyApp-123”)

Thanks !