New Bug Encountered: User does not have a valid 'microsoft' account

We had this Error message over all Apps:

Unable to fetch app definition.
Error:User '622224' does not have a valied 'microsoft' account.

We could not use any App.

Then I logged in to with my Microsoft account.

Then choose my Account.


But it sent me back to the first picture. I choose again my account and it sent me back to the first picture and so on. I had to do this 5 times. Then I was logged in.
After that, all Apps where working again.

As you can understand this is very frustrating as we are using our Apps in Business.

Hi Fabian, did you find out what the issue was here? We’re having the same thing over. See a message in Excel regarding privacy settings?

Thank you @Daisy_Ramirez. That sounds interesting. I didn’t find the reason but it’s working again.

Adding @praveen

Seems like a bug in the Microsoft OAuth flow. @Daisy_Ramirez are you continuing to see this issue?

They’re back up and running. Thanks

Hi @praveen!

Many of my students have reported a similar problem with Google:

As I wrote in my post, I’m getting good assistance from @Aleksi but I’m posting here too to try to gather more information and insights.

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