New Bug Encountered: User Settings () has stopped working for me, please help

I have a User Setting called “UserIsManager” with the expression “IN(Useremail(),Select(Person[useremail],[Ismanager]))”

So when I set a person to a manager in there Person record, this User Setting is True.

I then filter different slices and views on this, to create secure data for Managers’ eyes only.

Now in these tables, slices and any expression that references the Usersetting() method I am getting an error message that this does not relate to a column.

Please help me, as my business runs on this app, and currently I am exposing unsafe data and permissions to my staff that could break things.

Here is the error message, “This formula is not evaluated in the context of a row, so column values are not available.”
I am managing this errror by removing all expressions in my app e.g. I just removed the expression


which was the DisplayIf condition on a invoiceing View that I do not want my staff to see.

I had to remove it though , because otherwise managers can’t see this view anymore, either.

What about usersettings(“userismanager”) instead?

I think i am close to the bottom of it.

I had an EditableIf property set on a calculated column. The editableIF expression was "=usersettings(userismanager) "

Apsheet disabled that constraint on that column, but in doing so disabled the entire global variable.

Might need to refactor things guys. I

The problem is that Appshee will not let me delete that EditableIF expression. I can’t make it go away because Appsheet has locked the ability to change that property on calculated fields. I could not change it even by adding into the url &oldeditor=true&
Can I please get some urgent help on this. How do I contact support these days?

The issue is that Appsheet has disabled a calulated column property
EditableIF : usersettings(userismanager)
and in so doing has disabled the entire global variable usersettings(userismanager)
This has broken a number of important views slices and column properties in my app.
I have had to remove those expressions from my app so that it continues to work, but this is exposing sensitive data for potential problems.
Because Appsheet doesn;t want people accidentally adding EditableIf Contraints anyomore into calculated columns, when I try to delete it in th enew editor, the property is greyed out.
In the old editor I can delete it, but the change does not persist–I do not have the ability to change that part of the app definition, Need help.

Just had a thought, the old app editor allowed you to edit the JSON definiton, I will try and edit it there.

No luck, that option to edit the JSON was not there.
Next thing, I will delete the column then recreate it

it won’t even let me remove the column!!!

next, I will try just deleting the app formula from the column in hope it will generate a different errror and break me out of this closed hell.

Might I suggest a different method of achieving this.

Instead of pulling a list of every manager’s email that is marked as a manager, why not check and see what is the status of the email the person is using to log in?

lookup(useremail(), Users, UserEmail, IsManager) = true

Can you please provide info on WHERE this error is from? Actions, slices, views, workflows, etc.?

yep, I want managers to have the option of logging in as not manager, also rather than hard setting that.

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I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what this mean. :slight_smile:

The error happens at the level of the table in Column View.

Is this error attached to a specific column then?

in your original post you had mentioned that you had your formula on the condition to show views and various things, just wondering If we’re still talking about the same problem.

Email for urgent issues like this.

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