New Bug Encountered: USERSETTINGS list values do not update until the field is activated/selected

There are 2 USERSETTINGS that need to be selected by the user. The first has a set of Enum values and when selected ALSO drives the selection list of a second setting set to show options as buttons.

However, the selection list does not update until the field is activated - in this case by attempting to select a value in the list. When a value is tapped, the list changes (if criteria dictates) and even if the desired value reappears, it still needs to be selected again.

EDITED: I found after this post that when saving the changes with the selection list set as Buttons, the option automatically switches back to dropdown list. The dropdown list version still has issues but in a different way.

Could this please get on the short list of items to fix? Because it’s USERSETTINGS, there’s no good way to get around this bug.

To recap and simplify: A USERSETTINGS dropdown list doesn’t fire off a change in the Valid_If UNTIL a selection is made in the list. Then the Valid_If fires and changes the list.