New Bug Encountered: UX -> Option Behavior

Before there were three options which were Row Selected, Row Swiped Left and Row Swiped Right.
The first option allowed you to Go to App Link (Link view), but now it only comes out ** auto ** with no other options.


I still have those options, depending on the view type. This is from a Deck View

On a table view

On a Form View

What view type are you on? If you click on the AUTO, does it drop down any other choices?


If I just found out it’s because of the view type, but still I only get the only option ** auto **

The dropdown menu there will display actions for that data table that may be used there. The actions possible would be listed in the Behavior >> Actions tab of the app editor, grouped by table.

If your app previously had an action listed that is no longer there, the action was probably generated by AppSheet in response to the structure of your data, but your data structure changed and the action was removed because it didn’t suit the new data structure.

You specifically mention the action, Go to App Link (Link view). From the name, I would guess you used to have a column named Link view of type App, but that column no longer exists or has changed type.


I could already make the option appear again, it is as you say add an App column and ready I have it.

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