New Bug Encountered: UX > Options > System Buttons > Allow five views... misbehaving

On my app, the behavior of the “Allow five views…” toggle flipped.

There may be an interaction with the fact that I made the app public and while user feedback was enabled, which is disallowed.

I do not at all understand what your concern is.

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When I set it to Allow five views, it displays three. When I disallow five views, it displays five.

The function of the toggle “flipped,” doing the opposite of what the UI indicates.

Not a problem for me. I’m just exploring and noticed a bug.

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Hi @dkoosis

If you see this bar with 5 options, then I think it’s normal.

The left and right options (‘Share’ and ‘Sync’) are not Views. And the nav bar is showing indeed 3 options that are Views.
When you enable to see 5 Views, ‘Share’ and ‘Sync’ disappear, leaving you with the 3 Views that you probably have. If you add another 4th View, it should show up in the nav bar.


Exactly. Thank you!