New Bug Encountered: UX Tranlation "Add" not available anymore

Hello together,
i am using all my Apps in germany. So i translated all Items in UX==> Localize.and everything was fine.
Yesterday i recognized that, that “Add” is not translated anymore. So i checked the translation and the item “Add” is not listed under UX==> Localize anymore so no translation is possible anymore.
I also recognized some changes in UI. (List menu).
This is very annoying when users ask me what i have changed. I did not make any changes in my apps.
Thanks an BR.

I believed below post will help:


Hi Heru,
thanks for your fast reply. This workaround helps. but the global translation (ux. localize) is not working anymore or in no conistent way.
e. g.
“add” ist not listen anymore.
“edit” ist still listed, but no translation in the app (like “add”).
“delete” ist still listed in ux. localize and also translated in the app.
This is a 100% different behavior than some weeks ago. So there must have been some changes in the appsheet background somewhere in the last days/weeks
Thanks and BR

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There were updates being implemented and as you can find here that there are several questions about this including also a few feature requests.


OK, thanks a lot!
it’s a good feature to rename a single system-generated (e. g. Add action) if needed.
But to disable the app-wide translation for (some) system-generated actions, and for some not, also in an non consistent way is really horrible when working with a couple of translated apps to rename every singel system generated action in a manual way…
i just rember the following phrase:
It’s not a bug, it’s a feature :wink:


I encourage you to share your observations and other feedback with

Thanks Steve, i reported my observations to
I hope this is helpfull for other appsheet users, who are translating their apps.