New Bug Encountered: Valid If removes Duplicates

I see a difference in the Expression Assistant and the App.

I have a simple Text Column that is scanable.
In Valid If I say LIST(1,2,3)+LIST(1,2,3)

The Expression Assistant gives me the result with duplicates.
But the App removes duplicates.

In my App I need to have the duplicates.

(In real I’m saying: give me all Item Numbers and substract those already added. But since some Items can be added twice, I need to have duplicates.)

I know that subtracting one list from another has the side-effect of removing duplicates, as @Steve mentioned here.
But does combining lists also has this side-effect?


What if you make it an Enum column?

I had the same idea. But it leads to the same result.

This appears to be a function of Valid If, as a single/non-combined list with duplicates (e.g., LIST(1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3)) exhibits the same behavior. I can imagine this behavior being a side-effect of how list handling for Valid If is implemented.

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The same thing happens when I put the expression in the Suggested Values.

Adding also @praveen

About the only other thing I can think of is to separate this “list” into a seperate table with some sort of different unique ID. If you pull it as a Ref, then it shouldn’t matter if there are duplicate texts because the ID key would be different. That might just take some implementation magic.

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Thank you @Bahbus I will try this way.

EDIT: I see that this is no option for me.