New Bug Encountered: View PDF files from Android device

I have a column with a clickable URL. URL is composed by formula and provides a link to google drive. I can open the link from an appsheet app on desktop chrome and on iphone, but I can’t open it on any android phone. I’ve tried 2 phones - Huawei Honor 9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S, with 2 different accounts, one of which is an app creator account, but same problem. The problem looks following :when I click on the action button to open the link the message appears “downloading pdf” with a progress bar. After a short while it turns red showing “Error downloading PDF” - make sure the url points to a PDF file, and you are connected to the internet. Yes I am connected to the internet and yes it points to a PDF file, because I’ve just clicked the same button on my desktop and on iPhone and it opens a PDF from a google drive.

I’ve found a temporary workaround - I’ve set my action button “Launch external” as well as column link “Launch external”. It works. But there is still something wrong, because I can open links via Chrome and iOs but not via Android within an appsheet app. I will be glad if someone would respond to this issue.

Please contact for help with this.