New Bug Encountered: Visual artifact on Safari browser

I often use my app on my Mac in the Safari browser. Today I noticed the follow new visual artifacts on the bottom menu:

The artifact doesn’t appear on Chrome. The following image compares Safari, on the left, and Chrome on the right:

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Default, recommended browser is Chrome for Appsheet, there will be tons of odd behaviour when user is working on other browser such as Safari, IE. This could be one of the example error I m afraid.
To meet with all of the browser requirements, it is huge challenge…

Granted. Chrome is generally better. Still, I hope this can be fixed.

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It’s not just you, and it’s not just Safari. I noticed the visual defect this morning on the Appsheet platform app

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Yes, i just opened app with my I phone and seeing the problem Kirl highlighted.

@Kirk_Masden could you never mind and drop a line to Appsheet Support to give a head up?

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I’m a bit busy at the moment. If it’s not fixed soon, I’ll give it a try. Since it’s affecting lots of people, though, I have a feeling AppSheet won’t need much prodding. :wink:

Message sent!

Thanks Kirk!

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Hey everyone, I resolved this issue and it will be available the next time we deploy.



Hi I am still having the same problem with lines at the bottom of my app screen as in picture which are distorted. So just checking if this should be back to normal view already or if still waiting on next deployment when will be fixed ?

I think the deployment is coming soon. Perhaps it takes a while to prepare that.

Hi everyone, thanks for your patience. Just an update - The fix is ready to be deployed and will happen the next time we do that. We typically deploy daily during the week so I expect it to be available tomorrow by the end of the day at the latest. It’s a top priority of mine to have this fix issued.

Thanks again,