New Bug Encountered: Workflow emails not working

I am having issues with my workflows since yesterday.
A couple of my apps have stopped sending emails and giving the attached error below. Not sure why this is happening as everything was running smoothly a couple of days ago.

Is this a bug??

When I test the workflow it gives the following error.

"The URL was: /template/showtable?appName=133660c8-f4b8-4ee0-bc8e-d6bf0a58aa94&locale=en-GB&location=0%2C%200&tzOffset=-330&workflowRuleName=Send%20Quote%20-%20English

Illegal characters in path.

@Aleksi Can you help here?

It sounds this is a bug. I will assign this to our Workflow expert for debugging. Thanks for this info.

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The fix will be going out in the next hour or so.

Sorry for the disruption.


Thank you. The issue is resolved now.