New Bug Encountered: Workflow Save File Includes DateTime Stamp when option turned off

Hi everyone, I have a workflow where I save a file and then attempt to attach that file in “Other Attachments” for an email. The file is not being attached but I believe it’s because the file name has a reference added to the end preventing the attachment. I have the date time stamp option turned off but the date and another reference is being added. How do I remove the characters from the end of the file I’m generating?

Here is a copy of the file: Could really use some help. Thanks


I can investigate if you provide:

  1. Your account id
  2. Your app name
  3. The rule name

Hi Daisy,

The “Disable Timestamp” option is “Off” rather than “On” for the SaveFile action in your screenshot.
The double negative may be confusing.
You want “Disable Timestamp” to be “On”.