New Bug Encountered:WORKFLOW with email action followed with another email action ignores 2nd action's email content

Team, the first parts is an email with a body template works OK. the second part is an emailtosms problem is it ignores emailsubject emailbody, preheader, ann sends previous part emailbody template instead. please fix or advise.

what do you need? this is link to problem

I am not certain I understand what you are reporting.
Can you describe what you are trying to achieve, what is working, and what is failing.

@Phil, yes. there’s a workflow with an email action with email body template that has a table.

when i add to the same workflow another email action to different recipients with it’s own much simpler email body, it completely ignores the simpler body and sends the email body template of the 1st action.


@Phil, to clarify, the 1st email action works fine, the second sends but the wrong template.

this is the link to the workflow:


I looked at application STAFF-751991 workflow rule “SEND HR-F10C BY EMAIL”.
It contains a single email action followed by a single data change action.
If I understand you correctly, I thought there were supposed to be two email actions in the rule.

Has the application changed or did I misunderstand your description of the problem?
Can you get the application into the failing state and let me know when you have done that?
Alternatively, you might want to create a simple test case that illustrates the problem.
In either event I am happy to investigate.

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hey, @Phil, thanks for following up.
i think i am good for now, please close this support case.
i had to deliver, so i removed the second email action to get reports out, used a work-around, obviously you looked then.
after your email mentioning the second action was missing, i got busy putting the second email action back in as email body expressions, i got several malformed test results but finally i got a good enough one with the below expression.

Employee Name: <<[Name]>> <<[Surname]>>,
State: <<[LOCATION]>>,
Role: <<[Job Title]>>,
Date Form completed: <<[Date Entered]>>,
ESO Mobile No. <<[Mobile No.]>>,
ESO Email
Email Address: <<[E-Mail Address]>>,
Email User: <<[E-Mail Address]>>,
Email Password: <<[Email Password]>>,
ESO Website Login
User: <<[Website Username]>>,
Password: <<[Website Password]>>,
ESO Facebook Login (Workplace)
User: <<[Workplace Username]>>,
ESO Google Login
User: <<[GOOGLE Username]>>,
Password: <<[GOOGLE Password]>>