New Bug Encountered: Wrong Count in Aggregates

The aggregates are set to display a simple count.

Adding @morgan.

Hi @morgan, I still see this issue on my end. Have you been able to reproduce it? Can I assist in providing more details or examples?

Hey @Filipe We believed this issue had been resolved. I’m adding @Adam who was recently working on this. We’ll likely request some information from you so we can reproduce this issue further.

Thanks for your patience,

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Hey @morgan and @Adam, thanks for the update.

Might be a different issue with the aggregate counter then, here’s a screencast to illustrate:


I have a simmilar issue, in a simple view , where group aggregate count doesn’t seem right.

Can I do something ? If group aggregates are bugged, I am affraid there could be a lot of decision errors based on wrong counts in my other apps. I tried eliminating count, and reenabling it, refreshing,etc.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank you

Divide and impera

This are my findings :

  1. Security filters doesn’t filter lower and uppercase letters differently , and that is perfect. [column]=“Inventarul Meu”=“Inventarul meu”
  2. Grouping in views doesn’t group lower and uppercase letters differently , and that is perfect. “Inventarul Meu” and “Inventarul meu” are groupped together
  3. Count in group aggregates doesn’t count lower and uppercase together, and that is bad :frowning: .

Perhaps this bug/exception is an easy fix for devs .

Thank you