New Bug Encountered: Wrong related records count

On Detail View, the “view” button with the number of related records not showing the right value. On the image below, the record have no related record, but it counts one. The day before yesterday I noticed it is happening in many of my apps, many detail views.

Hi, are you still seeing this behavior? Is this virtual list column created only with the REFROWS app formula or are you using your own formula there?

Hi! Still seeing. Yes, the automatically added virtual column with related child records and REFROWS formula.

Any news?

It keeps happening on all my apps and related lists. Its like it takes sometime to sync the count, but doesnt make sense to me. For exemple, I have 20 related items, then I edit on of them (edit - I dont add or delete any record), then it changes to 19, then takes like 10 minutes to change back to the right value (20). Sync doesnt help, it just adjust after some minutes.

I tried adding a virtual collumn with a COUNT([Related List]), but have the exact same issue. What works is a COUNT(SELECT[…]) fuction.

Would you please send an email to about this, thanks.

I’m also having this issue.

This doesn’t just effect the count it also effects sums, averages, etc against the list…

Support says the developers don’t have any information?!
@ephry @Aleksi

I believe they have lately removed the counting number with the inline views and it only appear as View now

No, the counter just shows up at the top, and it’s the same basic issue…