New Bug Encountered:xlsx attachment report template created by Appsheet sent by email errors when opened by MSExcel

hi, team.

@Phil helped me troublesoot this, in this topic: All xlsx attachments (from appsheet “Create”d templates) to workflow and report emails error and get “repaired” when opened by MSExcel

with this information:

  1. Your account id 751991
  2. The application name DOCKET in folder teso-751991
  3. The table name latest on Thursday: HRF16
  4. The workflow rule or report name PAYROLL REPORT WEEKLY WEDNESDAY
  5. A complete description of the problem
    Outlook and Excel on PC always gives error unable to open the attachment:
    when you open the attachment it always errs

    if Yes to the repair the file opens thus image
  6. The exact steps to reproduce the problem,
    use the create button for the XLSX attachment template unmodified
    the report emails it to a few users (myself at the moment)
  7. Please go to and check the option that enables support access. done


Hi @Eso_Surveyors
Has this been solved or is it still a problem?

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hi, @Lynn,
the app-sheet-created xlsx template attachment
that had the problem
was fixed by me as suggested by @Phil:
download to local PC, fix in local MSExcel, then upload back to drive.
i’ve not needed any new app-sheet-created xlsx template attachments
so i can’t really say
i do not think anything has been done about this problem by the appsheet team
because the appsheet team have not said either way.
I did raise a bug report as @Phil suggested, but i have not seen / i may have missed their responses to it.
does this help you?

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