New Bug: Undeployed Notification Workflow not sending if "To" NOT set to App Creator email

It has long been known that notifications and emails generated by Workflows in apps that are not yet deployed would automatically be sent to the app creator - regardless of the “To” field implementation.

That seems to no longer be the case - at least with Push Notifications. It appears I must add the app creator email address for the steps within the Workflow to successfully run.

If the app creator email is NOT inserted, the Workflow rule simply doesn’t run even though logs show the rule criteria is met. No errors are reported.

I wanted to provide more details but it seems the log entries are taking forever to show up and it seems that some log entries are getting dropped.


@prithpal ^^

Thanks for flagging this @WillowMobileSystems can you please open a ticket at we will look into this shortly. @Dan_Bahir FYI

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I tried to repro this with my account and was not able to. John would you be able to open a support ticket and allow support access to your app so that we can investigate this ?



I’ll try to recreate in a test app first to weed out the unnecessary “stuff”. I probably can’t get to that until this weekend.

@prithpal @Dan_Bahir

I was not able to reproduce this in a new app. I’ll look at the problem app again and see if it is still happening there. If it is, I’ll try some steps to rectify before opening a ticket.

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Let us know what you find out?

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