New Card Type - Totals

I would love to see a new view which nicely presents totals. Like a big number with a small title at the top. Something like:

Live Jobs

Outstanding Invoices

Then to be able to drill down on them, would also be really cool. I’ve used Charts, grouping on Deck views and SELECT statements on virtual columns as a workaround, but hoping for something more slick that’s easily configurable.

This would be very nice for dashboards to get an overview of your performance.

Perhaps you could add the table or slice and then there would be SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE options and you could pick which field to apply it on.

Love your work team Appsheet!

This is easily accomplished by creating a new table, often with just a single record, where you keep virtual columns for aggregating information from other sources. You can then make views out of those values and have them as small sub-views in a dashboard.


Thank you Jeremy for your suggestion. A KPI view is indeed in the card for Appsheet but not sure when we will get to it.
There are workaround currently as Marc mentioned but they require extra work.

@Arthur_Rallu @benhare FYI ^



That’s really great to hear!

Thanks Marc, i’ll try the single record option. Good to know they might be working on this as a built in view!

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it is interesting to see that the Appsheet team is developing this type of feature. We can even “improvise” doing as Marc said, but even so, having something default and customizable, it is much better.
I own exactly as Marc suggested. For information purposes, it is even valid, but if it were more interactive, like the graphics, it would be much more interesting. Even more so if it were possible to insert this into a Dashboard view.