New Charts in AppSheet applications - in Preview Program

Yes indeed, need more improvement for new charts.
But it is still preview and Beta, which means, dont use in our production apps.
What we do is to give words to their sales and devs team what the problem is and why we feel it is a problem to make the platform better for everyone.
For preview features, dont think about it will come. BETA can not be happen afterwords.

Hello Diego - thanks I’m glad you like the look so far. Thanks for mentioning that bug, I’m aware of it - it’s a complicated one, but it’s in my backlog.

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Thank you @benhare and @tsuji_koichi .

Y-axis should be able to be filtered according to multiple selections, a single column is not enough. Thanks.

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Thank you for building this Ben. My question is, if I begin incorporating these new kinds of charts will they still be working if or when this feature becomes standard in the appsheet? I’m a bit worried either my work will not be compatible with future iterations or the charts somehow break other parts of my appliclation.

Thanks again,

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Hello Dario - I wouldn’t incorporate these new charts anywhere you’d be concerned if they stopped working. For now this is in a preview/test phase and does not have the support that our released features would have (for instance if you released an app with them and then found a bug it might not get fixed). I will try to ensure that future iterations are compatible with charts as they are now but I can’t give you a guarantee on that so I would again abstain from using them in production apps until this is released as a full feature.

Thanks Ben. I’m just a bit worried at the current chart functionality because its so limited. Do you anticipate these new features will become full features within the next six months, or do you think it will take much longer?

Thanks again for the great work.


You’re kind to thank me for the work. I wish I could give you a timeline but I really cannot and should not at the moment. I work on small things when I get time, but there’s not as much of that as I would like right now. When I do have an update on a timeline, or even on work coming off of pause I will be sure to make an announcement of some kind in the community though (well me or someone else will), I promise.

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Thanks. In the meantime I’m going to see how far I can build with the multi line chart using these kinds of data structures. Hopefully it’s not too much of a hassle to implement and maintain.

Thanks for the feedback Ben, cheers for now.