New Charts in AppSheet applications - in Preview Program

It looks like your chart type is bar char instead of line chart.

Currently it is set to “Auto” whcih is Bar chart by default, so go there and pick up line chart from the dropdown.

Hey Tsuji,
thank you for your kwick reply. Actually I have also tried with line chart. The problem stays the same…

I would like to achieve the result where the coumns are set in the major field, not the rows. Is that possible with the new feature?

Thank you :slight_smile:

@benhare Very new user here, but I would STRONGLY advocate for a time series or time line chart type. Almost all the visualization I need to do is of the “change in metric value” vs “date” for a person type.

I would also very, very strongly advocate for the ability to chart un-aggregated values in any field. As I play with the new features I notice that I cannot make the columns I’m interested in charting simply graph the value in the cell. They don’t give a “None” choice for aggregation. This makes it impossible to see what I need to see.

Have been really happy with AppSheet so far, with the exception of charting! You guys have a great community and an awesome product. I’ve already been able to solve 3 nagging problems in the past week or so.

I could be possibly a bug, I suggest you formally report to AppSheet support desk.

HI Stuggijo_h,

I’m not sure I understand the issue you are facing.
I just tested it now and was able to add a Time dimension on major and two individual metrics on minor which is similar to your first example with the legacy charts…

Unless I am missing something…



Hi Matt,

You can use the drop down that says Auto by default and specify a line chart specifically.
You can also set a time dimension at the finest level of granularity which in effect is similar to non aggregation.
Maybe if you give me an example of what dimension and measures you want to put in play and what you expect the chart to render, I can help you out…



Oh And the reason the new chart experience has an AUTO setting is because it will detect automatically if you have a Date field in plan and will automatically set it to a timeline. Similarly if you put two measures in play then it will automatically offer a scatter plot. So the new chart experience will attempt to present the most appropriate chart based on the type of field you have selected.
But nothing prevent you from dismissing the built-in heuristics (AUTO) and selecting a specific type of chart ahead of specifying your field settings, like most other product chart wizards…


Hello Koichi, thanks for the messages (also apologies for a late reply, I was out last week). I wouldn’t say that this project is abandoned, it’s just on pause for me - I fully intend to get back to it. I’ve still been recording improvements (as well as that bug you mentioned, I am aware of it I just don’t have the bandwidth to fix it).

Those last couple are new bugs to me, so I will add them to the list too but similarly I don’t know when I can get to them.



@TDhers Sent a PM to avoid messing with this very valuable Preview feedback thread

Sounds good. I just responded

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Hi @benhare
Thanks you for your message, and glad to hear the project was not abandoned, just on a pause for the moment. I supplied bunch of feedbacks after spending few weeks for testing when the feature was released. I just wanted not to throw my effort away.

British said "Strike while the iron is hot. "

As the time goes by, naturally, interst from the community member will fade out.

Hope your management team will place the priority over this project once again rather than give a pause this.

Honestly, i lost my memory what sort of recommendation for improvement for the new chart feature were given, as it was long time ago now.

Recently, I noticed by pushing [related XXXs] list type colunm to measure will not draw the chart. Naturally, chart engine should treat this as measures, with users option to count the list either uniquely or not.

Pushing REF type column to dimention, but chart become whilte-out completely. In essense, it will display the label name of the referenced table though. I call as a bug.

There should be bunch of stuffs remainig to new chart engine workable.



I have what I think is most of your feedback from then captured in our document (Thierry helped with that), along with the multiple bugs you’ve kindly found and again I really want to get back to this work myself. I put a lot of effort into it myself that I’d hate seen thrown away/not finished. I think those bugs are recorded in my list (list type columns/ref type columns not working as expected), and I’ll post here when I’ve fixed them if you’d be able to verify that I understood it correctly.

Thanks for following up on this thread (both to you and all else who’ve posted their feedback), it’s helpful to me/us here at AppSheet to see the desire for the feature in community. At the least it helps me prioritize what to work on next.


Charts being epic, are a game changer for us. Right now we’re having to send users to our own homegrown Apache superset install. But that makes user access and row level security a challenge. It also disconnects the user from consuming the data and being able to affect the data.

Hi @benhare
Thank you for your response.
Yes, I spent quite a long time with Thierry to deliver my feedback in person before. Hope you have the list of my suggestion to make this new chart funciton far better.
If the development works to fix the bugs and add new feature for a while, I would suggest that you also pause “the preview release” until you managed to find a time to fix the observed issues.

I dont think it is a good idea to let buch of user to test new chart through preview programm which is currently contains bugs. The testing for feature which include bugs is not making perfect sense to me.
Yes, from developpers prospectives, the testing is just to gather the feedback (mostly the bug reports) but you should have already accumulate the enough amount of feedbacks, so better to close the preview release for a while, as we do not want to keep testing problemactic features.

Thank you.

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I’m glad to know this update is still somewhere on the horizon! The charts have remained the most responsive and agile aspects of the app and I find them more and more useful for filtering and navigating. I’ve had another thought for when you are able to get back to the newer charts.

I noticed that when returning to a chart view, the filters all get cleared. Having filters stick might be nice, but this is not a problem. However when a mobile user selects or deselects categories from the legend, it’s hard to click through multiple “tabs” because the arrows are small. So toggling categories and resetting filters becomes a chore. Would it be possible to make this legend a scrolling carousel that a user can swipe through instead of the arrows?

Hi, Where are we at on the click through bug? Are we seeing a fix for it on the roadmap. It is a vital feature for us. Organizing the data, but not being able to access it with click through prevents me from utilizing it. Otherwise, it has been nice to see these changes in charts

Getting the filters to stick/work like other in app filters is definitely something we want to make work before we ever launch this. That’s an interesting point about the legend - I’ll have to look into what eCharts supports (that’s the kind of charts that we make using this feature). Thanks for the feedback!

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Hello Luke, so no fixes for new charts on are the roadmap - as the feature is in Preview it shouldn’t be being used for Production apps where vital functionality is needed, or if the functionality stopped working it would be a business critical issue. When we have built them to the point where we’re comfortable with those two things it will be taken out of the Preview Program.

That being said the click through issue is the first thing I’ll work on whenever I can get back to charts, but even after that there are several bugs/features that need to be implemented.

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