New columns auto add to slices - not good

So when I add a column to a google sheet that is already connected with AppSheet and regenerate the columns, the new column automatically shows up at the end of all slices with that table.
For me, this is a huge issue. If I add a sensitive column and regenerate, I don’t think I should have to remember to go to app slices and delete that column.
If there a way around this?

I’m not sure if there is a way to turn this off, but I do know that in your Warnings after the Editor reloads, it will show you which slices added which columns. I use that as a check list as I go through and eliminate the extra columns.

@Spencer_Jones is correct, you can’t set it OFF.

Thanks for the replies.
Perhaps a feature request?
The issue could be a big one for a small business. For example, you add a column for a customer’s SSN or similar and the end user of the app whom has no reason to see it (like an in field technician) happens to catch it because I missed deleting it.
Why is it in the table in the first place? Well, maybe different tiers in the business have different slices.
Didn’t happen, but just a hypothetical instance.

That is the point of the “Sensitive data” option on the column if you’re ever adding stuff like that. And also why you must thoroughly test and check your apps before deploying them to users. Especially if you are changing table structure which can easily break all sorts of things.

Create a virtual or real column, set App formula to "", Type to Show, Category to Page_Header, and Show? to the expression, FALSE (do not simply set to OFF):


Add the column to every slice of the table, and position the column between the columns you may want displayed and those you never want displayed:

New virtual columns (but not real columns) will automatically be added after this one and thereby hidden in forms.

Note that if a slice has other Show Page_Header columns, the one I describe here must be the last.

This only auto-hides new columns in forms. The only way to auto-hide columns in other views is to explicitly choose which columns are displayed:



Interesting idea, thanks for your help. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m still thinking though, if I takes the time to specifically add or deleted columns to a slice, which by definition is a subset view of table that was specifically designed, shouldn’t that be locked in stone until I purposefully add or remove more columns? Just for argument’s sake.

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Yes, I agree with you. And as you point out it can go either way - add to all or add to none.

The question boils down to…whichever way is the default, how do we then take the opposite action when needed to mitigate the tedious task of doing it manually?

Unfortunately, something would need to be built, i.e. a Feature Request added. Any, for setting expectations, it doesn’t seem like the editor UI part would be an easy solution to build.

Hi! I know this topic is months old, but I have run into a problem with this too. I have 25 different slices that pull data from a table, but they all use different variations of all the columns in the table. Sometimes, I want to add a column to only 1 slice, but when I regenerate, it adds it to all of the slices. This is very time consuming to go back in and delete. I wish there was an on-off switch in “options” saying “Automatically add new columns to slices after table regeneration?” Thanks!

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Perhaps submit a feature request?

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Im sorry but I don’t think they should invest time Into a future request like this until the more critical
things are finished. Allot more useful requests atm.

Just added it now, thanks!