New Columns

Can we get it to STOP automatically adding new columns to slices. This is a big problem for us and a lot of work to remove the new column in the slices where it is not needed. I would much rather add the new column to the slices when needed.

I feel your pain, I’ve been struggling with things like this for years. If you dig deep enough in this community you can find previous discussions between myself and the engineers about this very same topic.

While in your use case it seems like there’s an obscene amount of overhead that you’re having to do, think about it from the other perspective…

  • what happens if you have just added a new column to your app, but it’s not being added to any of your slices? Or any of your views?

Adding a column is a very common thing inside of an app, something you’ll do a dozen or so times over the apps lifetime.

When you add a column, you’re really expecting it to propagate throughout the system and become available everywhere. It’s only in certain instances where you don’t want that to happen, and as such that’s the scenario that the engineers have provided for.

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