New COVID19 Relief App

I’m trying to release a public app to help businesses get to the multitide of new grant and loan resources available to them to help with COVID 19 issues. I’m not a tech person and would like an hour or two of help today or tomorrow from someone who can help me make sure this app works well before we release it. It’s needed asap.

I’ve set up the app and published it but am still working on:
-making it publicly available
-are there ways to allow people to add new entries but have them approved by me before they are posted to everyone?
-are there ways to allow people to search by geography that we could add in?

thanks in advance! my email is


Hello @Cathy_Clark
I have sent you an email regarding your post

Awesome idea.

On you’re second point you could make a second app just for yourself that allows you to verify the entry. You’d need another column in the table. Then you’d create a slice on your base app that just had entries that had been verified by you.

On the third idea, I built one using a here() function. In each of my entries for notifications I made sure I identified something federal, state … Then I could create a virtual column that figured distance. Distance(here(), [location]). With that I sorted my view by distance.