New Data Type - Embed Code

There will be tons of use-cases I can imagine, but I wish to get the new data type for column setting.

A temporary name I call as “Embed”.

Once this is selected, then we are able to put the embed code available anywhere. These days, it is kind of “default” that any web service to provide embed code so that the user can place the work of app in somewhere else. Youtube provide Embed to share.
Even the whole or part web page could be embed into the Appsheet column.

There are loads of discussion is going on in terms of video/audio file to place in Appsheet.

If we could get Embed type column whereas we are able to simply copy and paste , then the app display in views. Then optinally resize the data column, where the embed site is going to be played. Say, small, medium, large, dpending on the contents of embed link.

Apart from Appsheet, my client is asking for integration with the external services. They are using my inspection app, and they are also using 360 deg camera, called Theta, Ricoh.

They use 360 deg camera during the inspection as well. Theta has web portal. 360 deg image files are twisted so it does not make sense when they read the file locally. So works need to be uploaded to their portal and App.
They instantly provide embed code, basically URL.

At this moment, I generated the new physical column and asking user to put the url from Theta. And data type is set as URL, so Appsheet app do store the URL and jump to the external browser. So this is kind of integration, but not deeplink.

Theta and 360 deg image files are one of example how app user and creator can get the benefit by having EMBED data type, but I strongly believe this features would be welcome and found useful.
Embeding will also provide another easy opportunity to integrate Appsheet with external service.

Hope this will be reviewed and Appsheet Dev team seriously consider!

There are bunch of product review and promotion video are available on Youtube.