New doc: TRIM()

Finally got around to documenting this…


Thanks @Steve.

Is it possible to use a monospace font in the documentation when inserting code blocks? The doc itself is good but it’s really hard to tell the difference between the multi-space and single-space examples.


TRIM(" Hi there!") : Hi there!

TRIM("Hi there! ") : Hi there!

TRIM("Hi there!") : Hi there!

It’s barely noticeable. Maybe add a few more spaces to make that example more clear.

HOLD UP :open_mouth:

I just realized as I’m trying to type this, the forum is TRIM-ing my post too!

Then I checked your post and none of your examples include multi-space text in the input… anymore? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did it TRIM them from your support doc too?


In my doc, I only included a single extra space in each example because the doc platform itself–yes–collapses multiple spaces. I’d have to post an image to demonstrate multiple spaces, which just don’t feel is worth it.


Right! I tried to type it but I couldn’t show it properly with text so I added a pic. Thanks for confirming.

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