New expression: INDEXOF()

INDEXOF(item,list) : Returns the index value of item in list.


INDEXOF( “g” , LIST( “t” , “h” , “g” ) )

returns 3

Agreed, we could really use this function. I’m out of votes though. :man_facepalming:

What if the value occurs in the list more than once?

Return the LIST of positions, or the first occurrence’s position?

I’d also like to see an optional 3rd parameter for starting position.

This way you wouldn’t have to SPLIT() the list first if you want to search from somewhere in the middle.


Limited to Votes,
But Im voting on this in my Heart.

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i have two tables table 1 and table 2 i need the value of column(maildId) from table1,that are not present as part of table2
note :both tables can have same mailId

Can you help with expression??

Test dereference


no not like this
i want to select a list and display that list in dropdown here is my condiiton:

but this aint working

This syntax is incorrect and does not make sense.


No am not facing any syntax error

syntax is fine but am not getting the expected result
can you help out

You may not be getting an error, but your SELECT(…) expression syntax is not correct.


Really could use this today to apply ranking! I found the workarounds and will try one of those.